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Sunday, 6 May 2007
My Teen Baby Years
Mood:  chillin'

 DISCLAIMER:This blog cotains sexual themes but it is not all sexually related. IT HAS ABSOLUTEY NOTHING TO DO WITH REAL CHILDREN. names have been changed to conceal identities.

For Samantha, for Mummy:)


i have always been a Sissy/Adultbaby inside, but it was in september 2001, my world changed along with the real world.

when i was 5 i still sucked dummies and loved playing with doll houses. as i grew older (year by year) i still loved my dummy, but my parents eventually weaned my off it. leaving the feelings dormant. until i met her

I and my brother Alex were up playing with Lego it was spread over the lounge room floor, I turned on the TV and news reports were frantic about recent September 11 attacks that had happened early in the morning, well for our time anyway, for Americans it was about midday. My dad walked out from the bathroom “you guys are up early” “we just wanted build Lego stuff” I said fiddling with a tower I just made, Dad sat down and watched the news, he was enraged about these things murdering innocent people. I was too young at the time, I felt anger, but not much I had little understanding of what had happened but of the next events of my life I would understand later in my teen years, one girl would seal my destiny as a Sissy baby.

I awoke that fateful September morning; I remember going to school playing with my best friends Sam and Menno. At lunchtime I was on the wooden play equipment when Mrs. Cordina the nice office woman approached me with my brother Alex beside her “josh, do you want to go with this man” I saw my poppy standing behind her waving with a jolly look on his face, waving his hand friendly in the air, I thought it was special treat at Mc Donald’s or something but fate would have it turn out to be some of the greatest and worst days of my life. These days would define me.

I arrived at the Hornsby police station, my mum was sitting in an armchair crying, her mum, my nana comforting her “Josh, alex” my mum said sobbing “your father’s been seeing another woman” I didn’t understand the words that had just been uttered, what does it mean to me I though. I kept asking only one question “but why” she never answered me, we were eventually driven to Wyong to stay with my nana, until we found a house for rent, we soon did it was small 3 bedroom place on Northcott Av., I’d been to Wyong numerous times before but this time when I went to inspect the house, it seemed different, I saw things in a different perspective after the inspection my mum and nana decided to take the house, my grandma paid for the bond and we soon moved in. I enjoyed the school-free days, the time it took to enrol us at our new school; I spent the days playing with matchbox cars and Nintendo 64: banjo kazoee, Mario kart, one day some of the local kids were playing in the street in front our house my nana embarrassing me and my brother asked if we could play with them, they were playing a vortex flying ball, it whistled as it streaked across the sky above us, they accepted us and let us join in playing with them I met Mitchell, Brooke and her older sister Skye I lived across from us, they were really nice and friendly.

Over the next couple of weeks I met Jessica (the most beautiful girl in the world), Greg and Warwick who were really big kids; I liked having them as friends. We lived behind maple circuit (one of the less desirable places in Wyong) which also contained government housing which housed shady, violent characters who would bash people for saying the wrong thing or acting in the wrong way. I soon attended Wyong grove, met some friends there: Karl and another Josh, Karl was a great drawer, he was an artist and Josh was really funny, they were both there for me at school and stood up for me if someone was picking on me, they showed me around and introduced to my teacher in Yr4 Mr Peachy.

I soon started to like my life at Wyong, at lunchtimes I would sit with Karl or Josh or gaze at the railway adjacent to the school watching trains coming in and out of Wyong station, I remember playing twister with some kids there at lunchtime, it was heaps of fun but then people moved in beside us they were heroin addicts, they hung beach towels on the windows to either act as curtains or cover to stop people from seeing their activities, I was soon introduced to them, Tony was the Mum, Karen was the daughter and Samantha (the girl who would be the one girl who would change my entire life) was the adopted daughter. Their house were pretty messy and packed, she had a Playstation, so that had too mean she was good in some aspects.

I soon got attached to Samantha and started calling her my girlfriend, we used to play truth and dare over in Samantha’s backyard Alex, Brooke, Me, Mitchell, Skye, Samantha and Jessica. Someone dared my to tongue-tie Samantha, but being nine at the time I didn’t know what it mean, so Skye and Brooke explained it “oh, no no way” I said, but Samantha persisted. i pushed my face closer to her's she stuck out her tongue i opened my mouth and slid my tongue across hers with wrapt our tongues around each others, it was my first kiss.


i loved Samantha, i thought about her always and i still do! i dont know when i first saw her room, although it was shortly after i met her. her mattress was strewn across the flor, her wardrobe shelves were all over the place. i peered around the rugs and saw the bay dummies, i felt an erection growing in my pants i asked "whats with the baby dummies" with a tone of stutter in my voice. "i suck them" she said, my mind went into chaos, this girl is 12 years old and still sucks dummies, i wish i could be like her.

days later she asked me to come with her to the shopping centre she was going with her adoptive parents Toni and Peter

to get herself another dummy, totally charmed be her i gratefully accepted, when walked through the busy back streets and soon we arrived at the plaza. Me and Samantha went to play an arcade game, while her mum and dad went to buy some smokes. he mum and dad came back to see us, to the joyous yells of samantha "i won a watch" she yelled. we traveled down to the ground floor and entered the chemsist, we walked over to the  baby section, a place i had'nt been in years, how i missed it so! she picked out a mint green dummy with the brand happy baby labeled on it.Toni asked her "is this the one you want?" samantha nodded, Toni paid for the dummy, i wish she bought me one. we walked out i pushed Samantha down the footpath in a trolley she sucked away blissfully at her dummy, i envyed her. i her dad asked my if i was going to join the "dummy club" i choose the obivious reply - YES!!!.


i walked through the front door "my room this way" mitchell said

i followed him into a small room painted in shades of dark green, the huge bunk bed covered most of the space. i climbed onto the top bunk "sick" i said to mitchell, "come on i show you brooke and skye's room" i trailed behind him until we walked in a large room with pink pastels, it was beautiful. i saw them a pack of huggies Dry-Nites, i felt like in was in heaven, i wish i could have grabbed one and put it on and then grabbed a dummy to suck. i soon asked brooke and skye about the nappies, they wet the bed. i felt so attracted to skye, who i thought had a crush on me.



I sat in my dark bedroom, faint rays of light were entering thoroughly the mouldy blinds I pulled down my pants and felt a strong urge, never feeling it before I gave into it , I began to rub my hand over my penis, moving it faster and faster. I found a baby dummy under my bed; I slipped the dusty teat into my mouth and sucked it. I felt something building I rubbed harder and faster, I rubbed until my hand stopped white liquid shot out of my penis, I moved around in utter joy as I had experienced my first orgasm, I pulled the baby dummy from my lips and chucked it under my bed.

I sat in the itchy grass waiting for my nana to come, I was being bullied and I didn’t want to have to go to school and face it. I sat behind a huge shrub that hid me from road view so if anyone who knew me wouldn’t see me. I waited reading my Hot4’s car mag; I peered out occasionally every time the noise of a car neared, after an hour of waiting I spotted the grey 4WD my nana drove I got, she was kinda surprised I told about the bullying and she is a very understanding person. I soon got home, mum and dad were in the middle of being angry and surprised, I told them about the bullying and I started to cry, my dad talked to me about it and then mum and dad went to see a movie, I stayed at home with nana. She took me out with my little brothers to eat burgers at hungry jacks; we approached the steep hill out of my street when I told her: “nanna” I asked her “what josh”, “oh, don’t worry about it” she persisted until I said it “it’s pretty stupid, I like to suck baby dummies” my heart stopped and breathing slowed as I awaited the answer “it’s not stupid, josh, different people like different, we are all different” she told me she would buy me a dummy at the chemist my heart rose with joy, thought about Samantha and if she was still sucking them. She stopped at Galston village I got out off the car and walked into the chemist “Now which one would your cousin want?” Nanna asked drawing away the possibility the dummy was for me, it was my first dummy since my young childhood. Since it was my first time buying one I didn’t pay any attention to the teat size or shape, I bought a happy baby simile soother in green and blue, my nana took to the counter and payed for the items I went to wait in the car while Nanna went to get my brothers lollies and some groceries for dinner tonight. I sat and looked at the dummy packaging; I felt an erection forming in my pants, looked at the teat it looked very brown and little, I thought to myself I thought these were meant to be bigger. The erection grew until it pushed the packaging up I tried to conceal it as Nana got back into the car. We went to hungry jacks and I got a whopper, I ate it down fast and went to play in the play equipment. We left soon after, when we got home I immediately ran to my room and opened the dummy packaging and ripped the cover off it and started to suck it, it gave my great joy of being like Samantha and suck my own dummy teat once again, I started to rub my penis I stopped as it grew hard, the when it went flaccid I started again I felt a thunderous felling inside me as I orgasmed again. I quickly put the dummies away in my plush old glow-worm, my babyish desires were gone.

Posted by sissygirlsara at 11:35 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 6 May 2007 11:57 AM EDT

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